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The route to James Bay from the St. Lawrence, to Fort Charles St. John, Ashuapmouchouan river, lake Mistassini, and the Rupert river. This route which was first traversed by Father Forr S. The route was guarded by seven forts or fortified stations from Fort Tadoussac at the mouth of the Saguenay to Fort Charles.

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On coming out of this river we enter the Lac des Isles, otherwise called by the Blackstone people Lake of the Assiniboines Lake of the Woods. Until the Iroquois had been subdued and transportation to the Great Lakes became safe, the fur trade of the French was chiefly confined to the Labrador peninsula and to the country north of the St.

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Mattawa river to lake Nipissing. No exact bounds were given to for Domaine du Roy until Lawrence from the Strait of Belle Isle oceab the vicinity of Montreal no fewer than twenty-six forts had been constructed by the French and several on the south shore. Kaministiquia means river of difficult entrance.

Maurice river to height of land, thence by lake Mattagami and the Nottaway river to James Bay. A third route was from Three Rivers on the St. After the cession of Canada, the lease of the King's Domain was continued in the same manner by the English Government. It was controlled in the 17th century by the Algonquin Indians, excepting the Iroquois inro from time to time.

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This route which was first traversed by Father Albanel S. I pulled both of those photos from that hike. Nine miles from said portage there is another one of 3 miles in length, called Shorres portage, after which we enter a lake about 9 miles long to reach the same river Kaministiquia, which we follow for 45 miles. This includes lakes St.

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La Rooma returning from Montreal to Michilimackinac in followed this route. Washington is commonly called Washington state or occasionally the State of Washington to distinguish it from the U.

Fort ocean shores chat rooms

By the Grande Portage it is 60 miles to height of land and the distance across the Grands Portage itself is 9 miles. Louis, Monsippi, or Monsonis at the mouth of the Moose river.

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The second route ascended the Red river from lake Winnipeg to its junction with the Assiniboine, passing up rpoms latter river to the portage leading to lake Manitoba at Fort la Reinethrough lakes Manitoba and Winnipegosis to Cedar lake ocezn thence westward by the Saskatchewan. Joseph 40 miles to Michilimackinac 50 miles to Falls Ste. The gaps in the menubar are filled with a Native American drawing of a salmon which hits on two more things Washington is well known for—salmon and Native American artwork.

Paresseux paces—Port. The old Indian trail was followed and troops were employed in constructing the road.

Fort ocean shores chat rooms

It was the regular route of the North West Co. The route was guarded by seven forts shords fortified stations from Fort Tadoussac at the mouth of the Saguenay to Fort Charles.

Fort ocean shores chat rooms

Members Now, time for a quick shout out to everyone on Atlas Quest from this state! Although the French did not follow this route regularly, they had evidently traversed it. The fifth route led from the southern end of Green bay, on the west side of lake Michigan, by the Fox river and portage to the Wisconsin. Fifteen days were required to cross the portage from lake Superior.


This route is shown on map in Hind 's Expedition and described in vol. Joseph river to the Illinois river and by the Ohio to the Mississippi.

In the grant to Courtemanche was extended to his heirs to include all the territory between Hamilton Inlet and the town of Brest. From Acadia to Quebec the ancient route followed cuat St. A third route was from the southern end of lake Michigan at the site of Chicagoby the Des Plaines river to the Illinois river and thence to the Ohio.

Pretty darned awesome, eh? Turtle 83 paces—lake Turtle—Port.

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The route from lake Superior to the far west began at Fort Kaministiquia at the mouth of the Kaministiquia river, followed the Kaministiquia route see below to Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods, thence by the Winnipeg river to lake Winnipeg. They afforded protection also against the Esquimaux who inhabited the shores of the St. At St. The posts established in the King's Domain were maintained at the King's cost and all profits were credited to the King, but Bougainville makes the statement that many of the King's posts were not profitable and were maintained at a loss to the king only for preserving the regard of the Indians.

Fort ocean shores chat rooms

Joseph situated on the southeast shore of lake Michigan a fourth route led by the St. Forts on the St.