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As my esteemed colleague, Rebecca Santiago, pointed outlong distance relationships really should be avoided like the plague. At first, I was sort of wary of it. While I can easily write dirty things to him, saying those words out loud brings a whole new level of intimacy, especially when you hear your voice narrating a situation that turns the two of you on. Even if your ificant other lives a block away or in the same apartmentyou can still use it as a great way to keep things spicy and lively in your sex life.

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As long as you're both experiencing pleasure, you're getting it on in the right way.

2. prepare your technology during phone sex

Maybe it's a whisper? If you're having trouble getting started, pull inspiration from your favorite movie sex scenes and go from there. Don't be afraid to talk about things you'd never ttalk. As your call is describing what you are doing to each other, picture it in your mind. I feel my heart pounding.

Sex talk over the phone

Do it! Phone sex is just saying what sx did that you liked or how he touched you and how he made you feel.

Sex talk over the phone

Carolina Patakysex therapist and co-founder of the Love Discovery Institute, pohne Bustle, "You need to be in a space where creativity and imagination are optimal. Maybe it's a growl? Talk about your cunt-snatch-cooze-hole and his dick-prick-stick. As my esteemed colleague, Rebecca Santiago, pointed outlong distance relationships really should be avoided like the plague.

25 tips on how to have phone sex - get your dirty talk on

When they see that you remember what they asked for, it echoes back to the call, and the thought of you getting ready to please them. Is she sipping at your tea-cup titties or motor-boating your stupendous boobs? That purr in your voice will be even breathier and insistent when you ask if [they] want you to spread wider, or clamp down like a vise. What are you rubbing? Use terminology that will make you and your partner feel sexy.

But you need to get over that. Maybe it's serious and commanding? They can hear your voice describing every movement and deciding what you touch… Take your time with them. You galk acting, but you do want an exciting experience that culminates in a climax.

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In fantasy, you get to be a superhero, villain, rockstar, or a groupie. Make sure that all digital distractions, such as the TV or computer, are adding to the experience and not creating more distance. The delay technique will drive your partner absolutely wild.

Sex talk over the phone

It's an extremely versatile kind of erotic play because it tal, involve this kind of power play-and-kink aspect, or just be a way to riff on fantasies or good times you've had when you were in the same bed. Be sure to choose an erotic story that your partner enjoys! Wear something sexy. For example, you can mention a sexy scenario and ask your partner what they would want to do next.

Sex talk over the phone

I can feel throbbing between my legs. Your sound is sultry, [and it comes] from deeper in phome throat and closer to the heart. Are you touching your nipples?

Phone sex tips for the shy

Which clothing choice is going to make the situation feel sexiest for you? Reap the benefits of overcoming any fears you had about the whole thing and scream out the words that one screams when total satisfaction has hit!

Sex talk over the phone

Imagine you're telling your partner a sexy bedtime story and you want to make it as vivid as possible. So much easier on the phone instead of face-to-face.

Just try not to blush while you read them. Sure, the bed is a great location, but what about the couch?

Sex talk over the phone

Tell your partner everything. Where are his strong arms and his powerful ass?

Sex talk over the phone

Use it to your advantage. Touch Yourself And Give Your Partner The Details You may be a total pro at pleasuring yourself, but when you're having phone sex, it's important to remember that it's not just about you. Then, actually show up wearing exactly that: those red panties, the silver pasties, or that leather skirt.

How to have great phone sex.

Make a vocab list. How does it make you feel? Description is everything in phone sex, so if you're creating a fantasy scenario, set the scene. The sounds of the vibrations will heighten your enjoyment.